Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mascara make woman Stronger

besides from making woman's eye look like panda, Mascara also make woman stronger. A stronger panda that doesn't cry.

Woman unnoticely become stronger in every kind of way. Woman who put on deep deep dark mascara will feel the love by most, if not all, Chinese, and perhaps people other than chinese as well. Mascara make woman feel special, a almost-distined female human kind with really thick eyelash. People will protect her from all cost. Of course that is only what she felt, but her thought is important; it boost her confident and make her strong.
Finally, when she realized that she is not the rare, almost-distined female, that there are many woman out there just like her, with deep dark eyelash, she want to cry. She also learn the truth she is not fat enough to be a panda. This time she really want to cry. But she stopped her self because she had mascara on. She told herself to cry when she is alone in the bathroom. Once again mascare had made her stronger (in public).