Monday, December 21, 2009


As I wake up from my dream,
I realize everything is gone.
there is no where to go.
no one to see.

my dream is awaken,
i have waken before i finished my dream,
i have failed to achieve.
i wake up in the middle of no where,
a snow desert,
i feel cold
and lonely.

The best thing to do might be head back to sleep
and finish that damn dream.
but something kept me awake.
I can no longer sleep.
I wonder around day and night
I am a awake man without a dream.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Attention Whore

Attention whore are everywhere. They are among your friends and classmate. Since I am a student, I experience it a lot in school.

People will tell you they fail the test, did bad on the test, didn't get a A. Are they being modest? Telling you that they did bad so make you feel good? Or do they want to get your attention and sympathy.

When I really failed my test, I wanted sympathy. But when I tell people, No one believes me. Because they are use people saying there stuff and they would always say, " no you didn't."

Those attention whore take away people attention for me. They say negative stuff like wolf crying. Because there are tons of attention whore out there, people overgeneralize everyone as attention whore. Now when I hear people say they fail their test, I would have some doubt too. and I would not give my attention to the person.

the Whore continue to do what they do because people don't hate them. They think those whore are just being modest. I just started hating them too. they are fucking attention stealer.

oh by the way, 2010 movie is stupidest shit. nothing but building crashing.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Any of you overwhelmed by the idea of green environment. I am . I am sick and tire of it.

Soon there will be a organization call PETP (People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants). I should not have to explain further if you know what horrible things PETA do.

Having green planet means live less, spend less and have less fun. Car uses fuel, hey lets all bike and walk. Electric uses energy, we should all sleep when the sun set. Lets stop American from eating too much by increase the price on food.

Stony Brook University Food Court have a great idea to go green. Let's go tray-less. "Study shows people eat less without tray" as they said. Soon they want to save fork and spoon and tell us to eat with our hands.

If we live like primate then the environment will be really green.

Corporation doesn't care about going green. They just do it to save money. without sending out paper-statement save them thousand of dollar. Going green they will no longer help you in person since they will have to drive to the company and you have to drive to meet then so why not just customer service over the phone.

Paper-less make Dunder Mifflin go out of business. Since no one want the tree that Dunder Mifflin use to make paper with, the tree thought he will live on. but the next day the tree was cutten down. The tree owner sell the tree land to build building since the tree land doesn't worth any money because people don't want it. And this is why there is still fewer tree even when we don't use paper. You can't expect the tree owner to starve and still plant his tree for fun.

The whole 'green' thing is pretty stupid. there are plenty of resource on this Earth. To my guess it won't run out for at least an other thousand year. and we only had been industrialize for less than 200 years. we might not even use oil in the next 30 years.

Necessity is the mother of invention. We will think of something when we run out. And the time is still far from now. Stop going green, and start living. Live life to the fullest, don't be limited by the environment.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Animal abuse and their tricks

People love to see animals do tricks and performs. Lion jumping fire, elephant playing marry-go-round, tiger impersonating a cat, and money kungfu fighting end-up-killing-each-other show are the top circuits performance that people pay big money too see. When the words goes out that these animal were being abuse on back stage, everyone seem to be surprised. Circuits audience starts protesting about animal rights and ending mistreatment to animal. they feel righteous but they are just ignorance. the tricks and performance those animal do are a abuse itself. why would lion love to jump fire? they are afraid of fire. elephant certainly won't want to get itself dizzy, and tiger acting like a cat is just a big insult.

Of course those animals didn't do it at free well. They do it so they don't get beat up too badly. It is the audience fault animal being abused by paying much money to see them perform.

This post is a response to last night's new on Pix 11 about circuit animal being abuse. Yes, they just found out. just like an elephant in the room ( i just learned about that expression)

Machine and Human: Health

So I was the auto repair shop, and i can't stop realizing that it look a lot like a client. Mechanics are a lot like doctors. Doctors fix people when they are sick and so does the mechanics when it comes to cars. They are both evil people. you would think doctors are nice because the money isn't coming out of your pocket directly. Doctor and mechanics are all the same. their price is overly expensive and force you in coming back again for more services.

American are depended on cars. they can't survive without it. Instant of reforming the current human health system, Obama should focus more on motor vehicle insurence system. There should be as much law protecting the defective-car owner as there is for sick paient.

After I established that mechanics are equal doctors, I realize god are nothing but an engineer.
god created human just like Engineer created car. god is not so much a big deal after all. However it just arn't fair to the engineer; if tenth of the car owners would warship engineers, their car might not get 'sick', or get into an accident.

Lets pray to the engineers together and nicely ask them to make us some better car. If you pray, they will listen.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Save Money

I find it funny how banks are offering to save money for you by transferring money in your checking to your saving account.

The first bank I found out help you 'save' money is the Bank of America. When you buy $1.02, they will charge you $2 dollar and put 98 cent in your saving account. Haha. Funny. Why would I want to be charge 2 dollar when I only buy 1.02 dollar.

I remember those Bank of America people always harass me whenever I walk pass through their stand.
"Sir, do you have a Bank of America account?"
"No, I have HSBC"
"Do they have "Keep the Change" program? We help you save a lot of money"
"No, they give me 1.55 APY [used to be 4.5 APY in 2007]"

Today I saw similar advertisement on TV. Whenever you swipe your Wachovia debit card, we move 1 dollar from you checking to your saving. =)

I found those feature to be really funny. You don't really save obviously. It also mess up your check book. You thought you only spend 10 dollar, but the bank taken 15 dollar and put 5 dollar back to your saving. So your checking is out of money now and they charge you a 29.99 fee for blank check. and then you end up moving money from your saving account to pay for the fee they charge you. Yes Thanks a lot.

oh you know what else is funny? the Verizon's my10 program is it? something like that. They copy for T-mobile's myfave(5) where now you can call any 10 people free. The bad thing is that in the advertisement it mention about they being the biggest network in America. If they have the biggest network then most people would be in their network and mobile2mobile would be free then why would people want to pick 10 people out and have less anytime minutes? I thought the commerical just didn't make sense. I don't know why would any one want those feature.

Ofcourse all those feature/program the comptuer provide help the company. I don't get why would cosumer use them.

Hey, let me help you save. Give me 100 dollar and I'll save it for you. I'll give it back to you when you need it. Sound's good? Because without money you won't be able to spend on useless stuff, so give it to me, I'll help you save.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Answer to the Tricky/Dumb 1+1=? question

There has been or will be one or more times in every person's life where he or she are experted to answer sample mathematical question such as "what is 1+1 or 2+3" from friend, family, or boss.

The way you answer this question will tell a lot about who you are. Even the recruiter manager has started to ask this question to the job candidates at interview.

the simple answer to 1+1 is 2. this is a question for the 4-year-old. However you're not a 4-year-old, so you need to think think question in more dept.


1 doesn't mean anything. 1 is just a number. you need to ask yourself a number of what? is it 1 apple + 1apple or 1 banana + 1 apple?

1meter + 1 centermeter = 1.01 meter not 2 meter.

Vector or Scalar

Does it have direction? 3 step east + 4 step north = 5 step northeast.

There are many answers to 1+1, in order to answer the question you need to ask more question.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Saying Too Much 'Thank You' Can Make You Look Like a Noob

I have notice professional say less 'Thank You' than the non-professional

I felt that 'Thank You' are an inefficient gratitude, and degrades your character.
Some situations where you should avoid saying "thank you" are the following
  1. when they're not doing you a favor. (i.e. T.A email student and tell them their hw grade are posted and follow by a thank you. totally unnecessary. a guy returning your pen he borrowed, and you say thank you, not neccessary.
  2. When you're are demaning something. you're mad that the cellphone company charge you some international calls that you never make. Even thou they fixed, they wasted your time, don't 'thank you' them.
  3. When they are making profit of you. People will come up to you, or call you to offer this and that (opening a new credit card, cable, car insurance), don't say "no thank you", say "NO!"
  4. When you really want to thank them. Saying thank you 3 times isn't going to help. because 'Thank You" is overly used, people used too often, even when they dont' mean it.
In situation 1, it will make you look like you're doing a service for them. I never see professor end their email with thank you. (note to T.A., you can end with regrades, have fun, see you in class, or simply From.)

in situation 2, Thank you makes them feel good. they should be apologizeing. you do not thank people who do soemthing wrong. If you thank them for charging you extra, they will do it again next time!

Too often I got calls from telemarking in situation3. I used to say "no thank you" and those annoying sell person continus to annoy you repecting what he said previously, "Sir, I just want to let you know that this if free of charge for 30 day, and you can cancel it any time you like free of charge. With this you can do.... bla bla.. may i play go ahead and open this account for you?" What is the point of being polite to them? Go ahead and say NO and yell at them.

Situation 4 come the time where some one had really helped you, like a doctor saved your son's life, Some stranger give you money for bus when you got robbed, don't just say 'thank you' like you say to all others. Use some bigger vocaburlry and use some full sentence. and say it with feeling.

There are other situation where you should not say TY. next time just think before why you say 'thank you'

Sunday, May 17, 2009

This is NOT gay

Men and men used to be good friend, or close friends. We were so close a friend that we shower in a same tub; rub lotion on each other's back; slap other on the butt as often as high-fives. Me and my boys were so friendly and had so much fun. Until one day...

A loner come to our town. He didn't have any guy to hug. He was a true gay person (who has sexual feeling for man, or homosexual). When he saw us hugging, he said: "that's so gay." and guess what? we stop hugging.

we stop going to the mall together; stop buying each other drinks after work; stop taking shower together; stop caring for each other. We stop doing anything fun between guys, just because of the sentence: "that's so gay."

Actually it wasn't gay at all. It is only gay, if one thinks gayly. It's never gay to take a bath with your fellow friend if you don't think about touching his penis. It's not gay to slap your teammate in the butt if it doesn't arouse you. People who stop doing all those guy-friendly things are because they are partially gay (research shows that everyone have a gay said. But the non-gay people are dominated by their heterosexual sense), and afraid they can't control their urge. For a straight guy like you and me, you should never hesitate to tickle your guy-friends, and care for them.

Girl do all those girl-friendly things because they don't care if people call them lesbian. Why can't guy do the same? Is it because guys also like lesbian female? But girl only like gay guy as a friend and guy don't want the girl to think they're gay. There a famous saying that goes like this: one who afraid other calling him gay is or might be gay Or he is self-conscious. Being called gay for guys is like being called fat for girl.
Guy or Girl: "Hey girl, you look fat"
Girl checking out the mirror: "omg. am i really fat?"
Guy or Girl: "Dude, you're so gay"
Guy goes to watch straight porn: "Am i really gay? .. "

Conclusion: Don't be self-conscious. Go do all those 'gay' thing, if you know you are not gay. And for all those hater, stop saying "this is so gay", because you only say that if you are gay.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cheating is a good skill to have in the real world

Many people ask me what is point of school. Most stuff we learn is not really need in the real world. Although I do not agree with those people’s point of view; because I know why we go to school and why learning them. Moreover, I love the stuff I learn in school. However I do agree that there are a big different about school and work place. In school; we; the student re require to work alone; if we work together that would be cheating. But at work; most of the time you never work alone. You most likely will work with group of people. Many student after obtaining their degree; are unaffected at work because they lack such contributing skill. They know how to work; but have problem contributing their knowledge to the team; and also fail to credit other people’s idea. (Richard Wagner, a psychologist at Florida State University)

I feel that if a student who can cheat and able to get away with it; it should be fine. If the student have the skill to cheat through academic and get his or her degree; the student can cheat through project and work too. If he does caught; then it would his fail not having master his cheating skills. After all cheating is a skill too. The most important skill to have now a day at job is social skill. If you who know nothing but able to get other to do you the favor and do the job for you; there should be no problem. Knowledge is not everything. It is just one of the skills that aids to living.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let's Stop Innovating

"Technology today have gone way too far," Sam Huang, a mechanical engineer student, said this morning.

Every day, every hour, there's a new technology been made at the Corp. of New Technology. "New technology are impossible for us old people to follow," said Sam Huang who is only 20 years old. Imagine how will the actually old people's, we're talking about 40-50's, brain process with all the new technologies coming out.

When Sam was a kid, all he wishes for was a CRT TV. It took forever for him to actually own a 15-inch CRT in his living room. When he got it, he was so happy because he was the only one who had a CRT. Everyone had a LCD. and what's that... Plasma? and Blue-ray? or FIOS? Sam didn't know them and didn't care.

The rate of innovation is too fast, experts believe. Sam Huang who is also studying economic told us "it is because they make new products too often (every 3-5 days), customers stop buying them. They want to wait another month to see if maybe there is a newer TV that have GoldEyes*." Sam Huang told us that this is the main reason for the economic crisis in the States.

Yesterday, many consumers at Circuit States were tricked to buy CRT tv, thinking it was the newest computer-like TV.

If this tech innovation don't stop, there won't be much left of this world--maybe only geeks, or real smart person.

[CRT stand for cadio-ray-tude, old tv, so don't buy them at Circuit States]

[GoldEyes is a new tecnology that is currently undergoing process to add to the TV. What it does it that it allow the viewer to deposit gold to the TV to feed its energy. The new technology break the gold atom and change it to engergy. It follow the new moto for GO GREEN. TV with GoldEyes uses 0 electity, portable, no plugs, all channel in the world, as long as you insert gold.]