Monday, June 30, 2008


Normally, I don't talk about myself in this blog, but today I'll make a exceptional.

I am heart broken, as the title of this blog hinted. She left me on Thursday June 26th 2008. Right after our dinner, she walked out on me. She said we need to take a break from each other. She didn't said we're over, but obviously that's what she meant.

It was our third date, I was planning to propose to her that night as i finally found she really is. I guess I found out too late. I should have treated her better on our first and second date. I wanted to ask her why and beg her to take consider, but word didn't come out of my mouth. All I said was "I'll wait for your calls; Thanks for you time." And then we apart.

I met her online at a dating site. She was really cute and definitely my type. I called her on the 20th as soon as i saw her profile. I emailed her my photo, and we chatted for hours. She wanted to meet me in person to make sure I am really who I am. I put a suit on and went over to her place the next day. She wasn't living by herself. When I get there, her dad opens up the door. I talked to her dad a while and her dad told me she wasn't going to be back in 2 hour. Her dad and I were out of topic to talk about. It wasn't like Her and me, where we can talk about anything. Out presence and long moment of silence soon become awkward. So I begin to leave. Her dad ensure me that She will call immediately after she got home.

A day past, I still haven't heard from her. I begin to worry. I called her cell phone, her dad pick up again. Said she forget to bring her cell with her. I really start to worry. Either she doesn't like the way I look in person or She and her dad is the same person. I wait and wait. And finally she called! I have missed her so much not talking to her for 2 day. We talked hours on the phone and we planned out first date.

First time seeing her, I didn't know what to do. I stood there like a dumb ass as if I never dated before. We hang around for 7 hours till we part out way home. "I can't wait to see you again, meet tomorrow?" we agree.

That's how it begin and that was how it ended. I should hope she call me back next week. Sure hope that she can't live without me. However in the mean time, I can't sit around and wait for her to come back. I got to find a new girl.

Okay, I think you got a wrong idea about me. This girl, this baby, is not a human. It is simply an idea, a metaphor, a job. And as for every blog, I do not talk about myself only. I write to share information with you. Like every relationship, there is flaws and [something opposite of flaws]. I did learn some lesson from her and I wanted to share with you and mainly I wanted to write it down so i don't forget.

Need to be annoying. keep calling and calling until she agree to go out with you.
Find out who is her dad.
Lie to her dad. Act polite, smart, mature and experienced.
Do not let you and her have nothing to do, always find work to do.

Following there step will help you get laid. ;p of course not.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Curious Question

Why is the world as it is??

No, we will not get into that, the physic, the superiors being, the universe this time. Although I do want to discuss, but.. nahh. not today.

Today, I am wondering why is the all type of music always 3-4 min long. well, there is some exception, (so it's good) but i mean most of the typical are 3-4 min. why even the song with short lyric bother to repeat itself 3 or more time just to have the length? and some goes to movie. all movie are close to 2 hour. most of time they cut it to 2 hour.. ohh i see. i start to think that maybe there is a critical to follow? or the MPAA would approve?

Okay. I'll look up on it. If any one know, please comment so it will save me the time to research.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Cross-Gender Friendship

Is it possible for a male and female to be bestfriend?

The answer would be no according to Hollywood producer and Ladder Theory.
Hollywood producer seem to never had any cross gender best friend. Either because they really feel that the society is this way, or that they think the story would be creative that every best friends fall in love with each other. Every movie I have watched, male and female become bestfriend, they date other person and then broke up and then they realized that they needed each other and that they are madly in love. When can those bestfriends not turn their friendship into love? Or is friendship and lovemate two inseparable thing?

Could the Hollywood, or media, be right? Maybe marring bestfriend is this best thing. Maybe friend means same-gender friend; love means cross-gender friend? maybe?

According to the Ladder Theory (i am too lazy to put link here, but u can can Google it and am sure you'll find a lot of information on it), guy only have one ladder, which is the sex ladder. He'll 'do' any one in his ladder which include friends, bestfriend, when given the opportunities. I read the Ladder in detail today, and it was far from the truth. So i won't comment any further.

So back to the main question: man and woman bestfriend? I am sure it is possible since there are 2 billion people (or 13 billion? i forget o.O) on this earth, there would be 1 billion (or 6.5 billion if there are 13 billion) possibility for a man and woman to be bestfriend. I am still young, and not sure if I'll fall for my bestfriend, as what every guy do in movies, so I won't be bias.


Just want to tell you that you don't have to marry your bestfriend because you see everyone is doing it on movie. Do not let the movie affect your life!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Teacher and Society

"Evil all merchant" Said by Confusious, the greatest teacher in China.
Teacher were not rich, but they were well respective because they weren't selfish; they past down their knowledge to younger generation. Merchants, business man, was as low as dirt in AD 100, China. Merchants always wait for opportunities to rip off buyer when he can. Buy low, sell high. He make money without labor, or as how Confusious viewed.

"Those who can, do; Those who can't, teach", a well known quote past down from centeries since the Middle Age. Knowledge, was not an individual's property, it was the gift from God. It's God gift to everyone. Teachers who give out knowledge don't desert to be paid because the knowledge wasn't from them. Teachers are loser who learned but can't do them, so they teach them. Teacher were unpaid, hungry, and low statues. They survide by eating apples from appreciated students. After years of eating apple, apple have become the symbol for teacher.

Words are powerful, they can change people's view, when more people are on your side, you have the country. Then soon your word become history, become the word in Bible.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Nocturnal Being

I am thrill by the moonlight and lazy when the moment sun beam hits my skin. I am not carrying any disease or abnormal. 40 percent of American share the same trait as I do.

It is evolution? That the Sun is growing hotter and out body can't take those energy been deliver to us. Or is it the night club and the dark alley turn people's on. Maybe night is quieter, danger, and the moon is just so pretty to miss out.

As much as our medical doctors, laws supporting disablities, is trying to stop evolution among man kind, We are still evolving.