Saturday, June 21, 2008

Curious Question

Why is the world as it is??

No, we will not get into that, the physic, the superiors being, the universe this time. Although I do want to discuss, but.. nahh. not today.

Today, I am wondering why is the all type of music always 3-4 min long. well, there is some exception, (so it's good) but i mean most of the typical are 3-4 min. why even the song with short lyric bother to repeat itself 3 or more time just to have the length? and some goes to movie. all movie are close to 2 hour. most of time they cut it to 2 hour.. ohh i see. i start to think that maybe there is a critical to follow? or the MPAA would approve?

Okay. I'll look up on it. If any one know, please comment so it will save me the time to research.

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