Monday, June 30, 2008


Normally, I don't talk about myself in this blog, but today I'll make a exceptional.

I am heart broken, as the title of this blog hinted. She left me on Thursday June 26th 2008. Right after our dinner, she walked out on me. She said we need to take a break from each other. She didn't said we're over, but obviously that's what she meant.

It was our third date, I was planning to propose to her that night as i finally found she really is. I guess I found out too late. I should have treated her better on our first and second date. I wanted to ask her why and beg her to take consider, but word didn't come out of my mouth. All I said was "I'll wait for your calls; Thanks for you time." And then we apart.

I met her online at a dating site. She was really cute and definitely my type. I called her on the 20th as soon as i saw her profile. I emailed her my photo, and we chatted for hours. She wanted to meet me in person to make sure I am really who I am. I put a suit on and went over to her place the next day. She wasn't living by herself. When I get there, her dad opens up the door. I talked to her dad a while and her dad told me she wasn't going to be back in 2 hour. Her dad and I were out of topic to talk about. It wasn't like Her and me, where we can talk about anything. Out presence and long moment of silence soon become awkward. So I begin to leave. Her dad ensure me that She will call immediately after she got home.

A day past, I still haven't heard from her. I begin to worry. I called her cell phone, her dad pick up again. Said she forget to bring her cell with her. I really start to worry. Either she doesn't like the way I look in person or She and her dad is the same person. I wait and wait. And finally she called! I have missed her so much not talking to her for 2 day. We talked hours on the phone and we planned out first date.

First time seeing her, I didn't know what to do. I stood there like a dumb ass as if I never dated before. We hang around for 7 hours till we part out way home. "I can't wait to see you again, meet tomorrow?" we agree.

That's how it begin and that was how it ended. I should hope she call me back next week. Sure hope that she can't live without me. However in the mean time, I can't sit around and wait for her to come back. I got to find a new girl.

Okay, I think you got a wrong idea about me. This girl, this baby, is not a human. It is simply an idea, a metaphor, a job. And as for every blog, I do not talk about myself only. I write to share information with you. Like every relationship, there is flaws and [something opposite of flaws]. I did learn some lesson from her and I wanted to share with you and mainly I wanted to write it down so i don't forget.

Need to be annoying. keep calling and calling until she agree to go out with you.
Find out who is her dad.
Lie to her dad. Act polite, smart, mature and experienced.
Do not let you and her have nothing to do, always find work to do.

Following there step will help you get laid. ;p of course not.

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