Monday, August 18, 2008

Peeing on the Street

Why is it wrong to pee on the street? How come we can't spit on sidewalk? (we do, but sometime cop can give you a ticket, so it is illegal)

We can't, because the government said it is polluting the environment. Smells bad, looks bad, and unprofessional.

Yes, so peeing is illegal, but blowing smoke on someone's face is legal. how funny. (i am not sure how to put my idea together here, so here it goes)

  • it is okay for smoker to smoke in the public street and blow unwanted smoke on other pedestrian's face, nose, eye.
  • second hand smoke is dangerous to health, human health.
  • smoke is polluting the air and worsen our environment
  • smoke additive-ist argues that they 'had' to have it, they can't control it, but what about the people who have to pee, and get rejected by the private bathroom? they can't hold it any longer either, but they still managed. why is that if they pee on street because they can't hold it -- they get arrested for public assult? because kids will see and learn to pee on street? what about kids seeing people smoke and thought it is cool?
  • people who have to pee, can hold and wait till they get home or bathroom to pee, why can't the people who have to smoke hold and control it and smoke when they are at their home or somewhere bathroom-like place that no one is present to do their business?
  • Lawyer aruges with me that Peeing or shitting on street, take away other innocent people's freedom, and limiting their right to persuade their 'happiness.' but smoking cause the same. I feel my right to breath in clean air have been limited by those smoker on the street trying to look cool by blowing giant clouds of smoke. there is smoker in front of my, behind me, i have no escape.

there should be a law that band smoking in public. if we can hold not to pee on street, we can hold not to smoke.

in fact, we should be free to pee on street, because holding your pee is not healthy, not the right way to do. and there isn't much public bathroom build. even park's bathroom is sometime close. How do the government expect people to live without peeing?

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