Monday, August 1, 2011

A Date with a Pilot

Last Thursday, I had the chance to date with a pilot. <3

I went over to her house at Connecticut, and she took me on a ride on her helicopter. The view was amazing. She pointed out to me several incredible scenery. It felt like I was in heaven--well, close to it.

One mistake I made was being too overwhelm by the scenery and forget to carry out a conversation with her. She must have felt like it was a tour more than a date.

We finally sat down after more than 30 min in heaven. We have a quick lunch. She told me a little about herself. I didn't know if I should tell her a little about myself. All the date I had before, the girl usually ask me about myself. So this time, I wasn't sure what to say about myself. So I bragged a little about my senior design which she find it interesting. Afterward, she walked me around the garden and end up on her front door.

"I will let you know if I want see you again" she said bluntly . I totally didn't see it coming. I didn't thought the date would ends so early. It was only 1 hour. I thought she was going to bring me to see more cool stuff. Or meet her sibling. If I knew that was the end, I would have talked more, let her get to know me more.

I really like her and want to see her again. Do you think she will call? Do you think that she liked me also but was shy so she was being quiet? Or she doesn't like me so she just want me to leave?

Let me know your thoughts on this.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guide to Successfully Land a Job

Finding a job is just like searching for a girlfriend. There are as many single girl out there as the number of job opening. Some girls looks for virgin so she can have more control and more attention. Some look for more experienced so they can get right into business.

Being a virgin in the work force, the number of job suitable is limited, but there is still a whole bunch. Virgin is cheap to employ and easy to train.

Even though a virgin has no experience, he is still a man. He must actively apply for job and not wait for them to knock on the door. Even in the 21st Century, it is still a man's job to a court a woman. The girl might not be interested, but it never hurts to try. Sneak up to her and find out her name, her parent, and her phone number or email and let her know you're interested. Research her background, hobbies, and interests. A girl really appreciate a guy researching her. It truly shows that you're interest, and not just another love letter she receive and trash it immediately.

Sometime the girl might be shy and doesn't answer you back nor show her interest. Sometime the girl is just testing your patient. And sometime the girl is waiting for her fairy-tail prince, some one better than you. And few of them are just not interested and doesn't want to break your heart by telling you so. They will let time to cure your heartache and hopefully you forget about her.

Statistic shows that 9 out of 10 girls you like, won't like you back. With that say, you should not wait for the girl to response. Let them know that you're interested, and move on. Move right on.

If they responded, perfect. We have just taken care of the first part. Next step, dating.

Dating can be hard. Have to prepare, know what she like and answer all the concerns she might have. Some girl are direct and doesn't beat around the bush. Be prepare to answer question such as : Why do you think I should be your girlfriend? What makes you be good boyfriend? and Tell me about your past girlfriends. If you don't have any girlfriend, you can tell her some of your female friends, how you treated them. Girls are cautious, they just want to know how you interact with other woman, and make sure you won't hit them.

Dating is a mutual interaction. This is the time to impress her and show her your strength. She will tell you her bad habits, how annoying she might be, and feet odor, to try to scare you off. Don't fall for the trap. All the things she tell her are not as bad as it really is. A good man to her won't leave because of bad feet odor.

Note that some girls are harder to court than other. Some requires more date than other. But more often than not, girl will usually made her decision if she want to be with you or not few day after the date. How convenient it would be if she can just tell you at the date if she will give herself to you or not?

Wait for her calls, but don't just wait. You should start looking for other girls while you wait. Because you're getting older everyday and waiting get you older much faster. Your parents are waiting for to see their grandchild.