Sunday, November 15, 2009

Attention Whore

Attention whore are everywhere. They are among your friends and classmate. Since I am a student, I experience it a lot in school.

People will tell you they fail the test, did bad on the test, didn't get a A. Are they being modest? Telling you that they did bad so make you feel good? Or do they want to get your attention and sympathy.

When I really failed my test, I wanted sympathy. But when I tell people, No one believes me. Because they are use people saying there stuff and they would always say, " no you didn't."

Those attention whore take away people attention for me. They say negative stuff like wolf crying. Because there are tons of attention whore out there, people overgeneralize everyone as attention whore. Now when I hear people say they fail their test, I would have some doubt too. and I would not give my attention to the person.

the Whore continue to do what they do because people don't hate them. They think those whore are just being modest. I just started hating them too. they are fucking attention stealer.

oh by the way, 2010 movie is stupidest shit. nothing but building crashing.