Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let's Stop Innovating

"Technology today have gone way too far," Sam Huang, a mechanical engineer student, said this morning.

Every day, every hour, there's a new technology been made at the Corp. of New Technology. "New technology are impossible for us old people to follow," said Sam Huang who is only 20 years old. Imagine how will the actually old people's, we're talking about 40-50's, brain process with all the new technologies coming out.

When Sam was a kid, all he wishes for was a CRT TV. It took forever for him to actually own a 15-inch CRT in his living room. When he got it, he was so happy because he was the only one who had a CRT. Everyone had a LCD. and what's that... Plasma? and Blue-ray? or FIOS? Sam didn't know them and didn't care.

The rate of innovation is too fast, experts believe. Sam Huang who is also studying economic told us "it is because they make new products too often (every 3-5 days), customers stop buying them. They want to wait another month to see if maybe there is a newer TV that have GoldEyes*." Sam Huang told us that this is the main reason for the economic crisis in the States.

Yesterday, many consumers at Circuit States were tricked to buy CRT tv, thinking it was the newest computer-like TV.

If this tech innovation don't stop, there won't be much left of this world--maybe only geeks, or real smart person.

[CRT stand for cadio-ray-tude, old tv, so don't buy them at Circuit States]

[GoldEyes is a new tecnology that is currently undergoing process to add to the TV. What it does it that it allow the viewer to deposit gold to the TV to feed its energy. The new technology break the gold atom and change it to engergy. It follow the new moto for GO GREEN. TV with GoldEyes uses 0 electity, portable, no plugs, all channel in the world, as long as you insert gold.]