Thursday, July 23, 2009

Animal abuse and their tricks

People love to see animals do tricks and performs. Lion jumping fire, elephant playing marry-go-round, tiger impersonating a cat, and money kungfu fighting end-up-killing-each-other show are the top circuits performance that people pay big money too see. When the words goes out that these animal were being abuse on back stage, everyone seem to be surprised. Circuits audience starts protesting about animal rights and ending mistreatment to animal. they feel righteous but they are just ignorance. the tricks and performance those animal do are a abuse itself. why would lion love to jump fire? they are afraid of fire. elephant certainly won't want to get itself dizzy, and tiger acting like a cat is just a big insult.

Of course those animals didn't do it at free well. They do it so they don't get beat up too badly. It is the audience fault animal being abused by paying much money to see them perform.

This post is a response to last night's new on Pix 11 about circuit animal being abuse. Yes, they just found out. just like an elephant in the room ( i just learned about that expression)

Machine and Human: Health

So I was the auto repair shop, and i can't stop realizing that it look a lot like a client. Mechanics are a lot like doctors. Doctors fix people when they are sick and so does the mechanics when it comes to cars. They are both evil people. you would think doctors are nice because the money isn't coming out of your pocket directly. Doctor and mechanics are all the same. their price is overly expensive and force you in coming back again for more services.

American are depended on cars. they can't survive without it. Instant of reforming the current human health system, Obama should focus more on motor vehicle insurence system. There should be as much law protecting the defective-car owner as there is for sick paient.

After I established that mechanics are equal doctors, I realize god are nothing but an engineer.
god created human just like Engineer created car. god is not so much a big deal after all. However it just arn't fair to the engineer; if tenth of the car owners would warship engineers, their car might not get 'sick', or get into an accident.

Lets pray to the engineers together and nicely ask them to make us some better car. If you pray, they will listen.