Saturday, March 29, 2008

Danger: Shallow Water - no diving

Shallow is famously used to describe the depth of water and a (stupid?) person. persons who are describe as shallow are define as materialist and not profound, only care about the outer looks. a well example is in a relationship, when a guy say his girlfriend must be sexy, nice boob, apple bottom, cokacola, few nerd/geek/profound-person would mark that guy in the shallow list. of course same things with the girls too. one would have to say 'oh, she have to be sophisticated, care for animal, nice to people' and this guy would get a high rating.

I used to be the nerd who said all those thing: 'looks doesn't really matter, it is the inner self that count'. However after few year until i go to college and experience some experiences in life, i found that i can't be more wrong. i was dead wrong. what is the difference between a girlfriend and a bestfriend? it depend on the person. but if you ugly and have good personality, and all you want to do is talk and not touch, then be their best friend.

"Love at First Sight"- i would discuss if it is truth or not, but a lot of people feel that way. However, isn't such love based on the physical appearance as well? it is even worse-it is only based on the first look. where those the personality come in? well so maybe we can define those 'love at first sight' people as shallow as well.

Now lets talk about feeling and connection. "When i am with her i feel connective to her, I got this feeling that i can say anything." my advice is: be friend. Do you have the feeling that you want to be inside of her? If that's so, then she must have what you define as beautiful. Beauty is not universal. Everyone have their own taste. so if she does have good personality and do look good to your definition, then yes, marriage is a good idea. However, the point i am trying to make is that look does play a big role in a intermate relationship.

Now we come to the the part of shallow people. shallow people thinks that the girl just have to look good, personality don't matter. However they are not truthly shallow. they just have made a big distinction between friend and girl. when looking for friend, they look at their personality and their preferring style. Girl are a trophy. Chase for the excitement and win it to show off. A ugly, non-shining trophy would not get much of a attention. Just because their view of beauty is different from ours or yours, doesn't give us the right to name calling. If we can't even get this fact right, we would really be the shallow one, not them.

Call me shallow or not, but i think the shallow people are actually right. Girl and friend are and should be separative. they can be connect to be girlfriend, which so would require both the quality of a good looking girl, and a quality of good friend. There are so many people in this world. there are at least 10 percent (probably more) that interest you non physically. and then inside the 10 percent, there are at least 1 percent that do look good to your view and taste. 1 percent of the 10 percent in this world is still a huge number. there are a great chance that you'll find someone that you like and love. Do not mistake your friend to be your lover. if you don't think they look good, they are not your lover. And do remember beauty is not universal. So you think that i am tell you to skinny people look like movie star. Find one suit your taste.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Marriage: multi spouse system

The one man one wife police is totally stupid and not make sense. Who ever thought of such law? Like always, every bad decision have its conquence. In this ‘free’ country, more than 50% marry couple/parents are divoce and remarry. 20% divioce again. Why? Because this world is free. There are 6 billion people in the world, how can we satify with only 1 person? 40 year is a long time, how can someone be other one for more than 40 years. As some people always said, “live the most out of you life”, “discover the world, find new experience.” Imagining a life only with one person would be a waste of life. So those people started to see other person, some people call it ‘affair’. Why is it wrong to seek what him/her desire? When marry, they promise to love the other forever, but seeing someone doesn’t make him no like their spouse. Human have an increabily huge heart. They are capable to love more than one person. Life is about being happy and live to the fullest, love more people, build more memory, cross more desert, life will be over soon. And love is not addition or division. When you found out he love someone else, don’t means he don’t love you, it doesn’t means his loves is share between you and other. Love is like a voltage in a parallel capacitor, they are the same. in mathatmatically, Love1=Love2=Lovetotal.

Government have made law against multi spouse. I am not sure what their reason it, but to my guess is that they want to make man and woman equal, or they think that 1-man-1-wife is the best way that lead to happy ending. Forbiting something doesn’t make it happen. In the multi-spouse relation, man can have more than 1 wife, and woman can also have more husband. Since this is a democray. No one will be force to marry anther. Is a free choice. If a woman love a man so much that she doesn’t mine he have a wife, then it is that woman’s right to decide. The government made law against people marry with more than 2 spouse, but never made any law stopping divorce. Divorce has been the solution for many people who want to have more spouse. They treat marry like a game. In the end, it is the kids who suffer.

Marriage is a compromise. If both person agree that they can see other person, there should not be any law against it. Every family’s story is different, government just aren’t really for individual care, nor mind their business. 50% of the people who had a divorce is because a woman(or man) found out that her(or his) husband(or wife) is cheating on her. And 50% of those people who are cheating still love their wife or husband. However love is build on truth, the man obvilsly lied to his wife. But if he were allow to, he would never lied. This is a topic conversation they should had before they get marry.

Everytime when you break up with someone, do you always feel that this time you have found the right person? Eventually everyone find a new partner after they break up. So what happen if you never break up? Would you get to meet this awesome better person? This is a top reason people break up—to look for someone better. Without breaking up, it would be cheating to look for someone better. Truth is that there is no “the one”, there are many “the one”. But how to decide which one to marry where there are so many to choose from? Marry all of them. Simply. The law made it complicated that we can only choose one. After we choose one, we feel that we should have pick the other one, then it is in this stage the marrage fail.

Sex and Love

  • · They are two different things. Totally different
  • · One can love other without having sex and have sex without love
  • · Sex is a sport, love is a intermate relationship.
  • · It won’t make sense to limit someone to only play ping pong with one person.
  • · Love is love, sex is sex, how did they ever get connected.
  • · Love is showing care and passion, and fear of losing the other. Sex is just pleasure, poking. You can only experience love with certain people, but sex is just a skill. It require practice.
  • · Sex in love is to make baby

Monday, March 10, 2008


We would always find division among ourself. Racism are a big problem because they are noticeable. Do you think if we are all the same color, there won't be any more racism? We constantly divide ourself among ourself. The rich, the poor, the fat, the skinny, the Red, the Blue, Queens, Brooklyn, Flushing, Jamaica. Even if the whole world is left with the skinny rich New Yorker with everyone have the same opinion, people among them would still find a way to distinguish each other. When there first was few Asian American here, they stood together. Then more came, the group divided among themselves: the Chinese, the Tials, the Korean. and then among the Chinese, they divide again.
Division is normal, it is free will. This is freedom. Unity is control. people are restricted to order and have to follow the big group. As we divide, everyone are their own individuates. they are free to further divide themselves. Racism is a nature's law. It can be stop, but there will always be other discrimination. People will try to find their difference among other. This is how current float, how force act upon each other, and how the universal was created.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Purpose of Hair

My statement is that Human should wear hat on public.
The follow are my reason to suppose my statement.

Have you ever notice where does hair grow? and why does hair grow on those certain area? the reason is simple: they are private and should not be shown. Hair is the nature's way telling us that they should not be share visually. As human evolute from primate, we loss hair from our general body area. This allow us to be friendly and a 'trust'. Without hair on body and arm and leg, you have shown other that you are most open and aren't hiding anything (thus more sociable and safe). As we all the the process of the Evolution, the weaker die, in the point it is hairier die because while everyone are showing their hand, the hairier one still are cover up and couldn't get along with other.
OKay, i think i was a bit off to the point. What i mean is that since evolution have make our body hair disappear, why do we HUMAN still have hair on some part of out body. Those part of the 'important part' i guess. They are special in a way that they should not be shown. An ananlog would be: As open as you can be, you will not give your key to a stranger. It is dangerous and stupid. As the same reason why during the process of evolution, one with full of hair dies, and one with no hairs at all also dies. This left the earth with only human with hair covering certain part of the body.
The 'cover up' was first introduced since the primate to make human indifference. As we all know, hair, unlike clothes, only cover the detail part, where we can still see the whole. Now a day, law specify that we should not discriminate anyone by their race, color, and SEX. When the world wasn't as active as today, there was no race, or color difference, only SEX. and frankly, our ancestor knew there would be a problem with the gender discrimination in the society, so he propose everyone to cover up their difference, which happen to be the place where the hair grow, so everything made sense.
However, have you look at the mirror and discover that the most hairy part of your body is you head. As primate evolute into human, later they discover that the brain in the head is acutally most important part of the whole body, and thus explain the reason why we have hair in our head. And logically it follows that since our brain is so important and unique from each, it should be cover up. As science technology get advance, we are able to indentify who is the smarter one just by looking at the upper head where the brain it. This would cause a great discrimation in work place against dumb people. To prevent it, we have to do what our ancestor do, by covering it up. Reason they didn't practices such is because back in those time, everyone's brain are almost the same. they weren't using much of their brain to do work. Covering our head, also make our head most desirable and safer from information transfered disease. Have a hat on, protect your privacy and not to be call a nerd.

(for those who believe in god, God created human in his own image except those place that is cover in hair. For those who draw, they know that when they come to a part where it is difficult to draw, they just skatch, or shade (draw many lines over it) to make it dark and unclear. So god was having difficultty making human on his own image and created hair over it. And those who doesn't look like God were consider devil since they were told that human is in God's image. This reason make people cover up their part so they can look like god. but never do they know that God's brain are much more difference, much more intellegent than human. For that reason, we have to cover up our head also so we can be closer to god. p.s hope i don't offense anyone.)

Just to be clear of my motive: i don't own a hat store, i am not trying to sell hat. It is the truth!