Monday, March 10, 2008


We would always find division among ourself. Racism are a big problem because they are noticeable. Do you think if we are all the same color, there won't be any more racism? We constantly divide ourself among ourself. The rich, the poor, the fat, the skinny, the Red, the Blue, Queens, Brooklyn, Flushing, Jamaica. Even if the whole world is left with the skinny rich New Yorker with everyone have the same opinion, people among them would still find a way to distinguish each other. When there first was few Asian American here, they stood together. Then more came, the group divided among themselves: the Chinese, the Tials, the Korean. and then among the Chinese, they divide again.
Division is normal, it is free will. This is freedom. Unity is control. people are restricted to order and have to follow the big group. As we divide, everyone are their own individuates. they are free to further divide themselves. Racism is a nature's law. It can be stop, but there will always be other discrimination. People will try to find their difference among other. This is how current float, how force act upon each other, and how the universal was created.