Friday, March 28, 2008

Marriage: multi spouse system

The one man one wife police is totally stupid and not make sense. Who ever thought of such law? Like always, every bad decision have its conquence. In this ‘free’ country, more than 50% marry couple/parents are divoce and remarry. 20% divioce again. Why? Because this world is free. There are 6 billion people in the world, how can we satify with only 1 person? 40 year is a long time, how can someone be other one for more than 40 years. As some people always said, “live the most out of you life”, “discover the world, find new experience.” Imagining a life only with one person would be a waste of life. So those people started to see other person, some people call it ‘affair’. Why is it wrong to seek what him/her desire? When marry, they promise to love the other forever, but seeing someone doesn’t make him no like their spouse. Human have an increabily huge heart. They are capable to love more than one person. Life is about being happy and live to the fullest, love more people, build more memory, cross more desert, life will be over soon. And love is not addition or division. When you found out he love someone else, don’t means he don’t love you, it doesn’t means his loves is share between you and other. Love is like a voltage in a parallel capacitor, they are the same. in mathatmatically, Love1=Love2=Lovetotal.

Government have made law against multi spouse. I am not sure what their reason it, but to my guess is that they want to make man and woman equal, or they think that 1-man-1-wife is the best way that lead to happy ending. Forbiting something doesn’t make it happen. In the multi-spouse relation, man can have more than 1 wife, and woman can also have more husband. Since this is a democray. No one will be force to marry anther. Is a free choice. If a woman love a man so much that she doesn’t mine he have a wife, then it is that woman’s right to decide. The government made law against people marry with more than 2 spouse, but never made any law stopping divorce. Divorce has been the solution for many people who want to have more spouse. They treat marry like a game. In the end, it is the kids who suffer.

Marriage is a compromise. If both person agree that they can see other person, there should not be any law against it. Every family’s story is different, government just aren’t really for individual care, nor mind their business. 50% of the people who had a divorce is because a woman(or man) found out that her(or his) husband(or wife) is cheating on her. And 50% of those people who are cheating still love their wife or husband. However love is build on truth, the man obvilsly lied to his wife. But if he were allow to, he would never lied. This is a topic conversation they should had before they get marry.

Everytime when you break up with someone, do you always feel that this time you have found the right person? Eventually everyone find a new partner after they break up. So what happen if you never break up? Would you get to meet this awesome better person? This is a top reason people break up—to look for someone better. Without breaking up, it would be cheating to look for someone better. Truth is that there is no “the one”, there are many “the one”. But how to decide which one to marry where there are so many to choose from? Marry all of them. Simply. The law made it complicated that we can only choose one. After we choose one, we feel that we should have pick the other one, then it is in this stage the marrage fail.

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