Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mascara make woman Stronger

besides from making woman's eye look like panda, Mascara also make woman stronger. A stronger panda that doesn't cry.

Woman unnoticely become stronger in every kind of way. Woman who put on deep deep dark mascara will feel the love by most, if not all, Chinese, and perhaps people other than chinese as well. Mascara make woman feel special, a almost-distined female human kind with really thick eyelash. People will protect her from all cost. Of course that is only what she felt, but her thought is important; it boost her confident and make her strong.
Finally, when she realized that she is not the rare, almost-distined female, that there are many woman out there just like her, with deep dark eyelash, she want to cry. She also learn the truth she is not fat enough to be a panda. This time she really want to cry. But she stopped her self because she had mascara on. She told herself to cry when she is alone in the bathroom. Once again mascare had made her stronger (in public).

Monday, August 18, 2008

Peeing on the Street

Why is it wrong to pee on the street? How come we can't spit on sidewalk? (we do, but sometime cop can give you a ticket, so it is illegal)

We can't, because the government said it is polluting the environment. Smells bad, looks bad, and unprofessional.

Yes, so peeing is illegal, but blowing smoke on someone's face is legal. how funny. (i am not sure how to put my idea together here, so here it goes)

  • it is okay for smoker to smoke in the public street and blow unwanted smoke on other pedestrian's face, nose, eye.
  • second hand smoke is dangerous to health, human health.
  • smoke is polluting the air and worsen our environment
  • smoke additive-ist argues that they 'had' to have it, they can't control it, but what about the people who have to pee, and get rejected by the private bathroom? they can't hold it any longer either, but they still managed. why is that if they pee on street because they can't hold it -- they get arrested for public assult? because kids will see and learn to pee on street? what about kids seeing people smoke and thought it is cool?
  • people who have to pee, can hold and wait till they get home or bathroom to pee, why can't the people who have to smoke hold and control it and smoke when they are at their home or somewhere bathroom-like place that no one is present to do their business?
  • Lawyer aruges with me that Peeing or shitting on street, take away other innocent people's freedom, and limiting their right to persuade their 'happiness.' but smoking cause the same. I feel my right to breath in clean air have been limited by those smoker on the street trying to look cool by blowing giant clouds of smoke. there is smoker in front of my, behind me, i have no escape.

there should be a law that band smoking in public. if we can hold not to pee on street, we can hold not to smoke.

in fact, we should be free to pee on street, because holding your pee is not healthy, not the right way to do. and there isn't much public bathroom build. even park's bathroom is sometime close. How do the government expect people to live without peeing?

Monday, June 30, 2008


Normally, I don't talk about myself in this blog, but today I'll make a exceptional.

I am heart broken, as the title of this blog hinted. She left me on Thursday June 26th 2008. Right after our dinner, she walked out on me. She said we need to take a break from each other. She didn't said we're over, but obviously that's what she meant.

It was our third date, I was planning to propose to her that night as i finally found she really is. I guess I found out too late. I should have treated her better on our first and second date. I wanted to ask her why and beg her to take consider, but word didn't come out of my mouth. All I said was "I'll wait for your calls; Thanks for you time." And then we apart.

I met her online at a dating site. She was really cute and definitely my type. I called her on the 20th as soon as i saw her profile. I emailed her my photo, and we chatted for hours. She wanted to meet me in person to make sure I am really who I am. I put a suit on and went over to her place the next day. She wasn't living by herself. When I get there, her dad opens up the door. I talked to her dad a while and her dad told me she wasn't going to be back in 2 hour. Her dad and I were out of topic to talk about. It wasn't like Her and me, where we can talk about anything. Out presence and long moment of silence soon become awkward. So I begin to leave. Her dad ensure me that She will call immediately after she got home.

A day past, I still haven't heard from her. I begin to worry. I called her cell phone, her dad pick up again. Said she forget to bring her cell with her. I really start to worry. Either she doesn't like the way I look in person or She and her dad is the same person. I wait and wait. And finally she called! I have missed her so much not talking to her for 2 day. We talked hours on the phone and we planned out first date.

First time seeing her, I didn't know what to do. I stood there like a dumb ass as if I never dated before. We hang around for 7 hours till we part out way home. "I can't wait to see you again, meet tomorrow?" we agree.

That's how it begin and that was how it ended. I should hope she call me back next week. Sure hope that she can't live without me. However in the mean time, I can't sit around and wait for her to come back. I got to find a new girl.

Okay, I think you got a wrong idea about me. This girl, this baby, is not a human. It is simply an idea, a metaphor, a job. And as for every blog, I do not talk about myself only. I write to share information with you. Like every relationship, there is flaws and [something opposite of flaws]. I did learn some lesson from her and I wanted to share with you and mainly I wanted to write it down so i don't forget.

Need to be annoying. keep calling and calling until she agree to go out with you.
Find out who is her dad.
Lie to her dad. Act polite, smart, mature and experienced.
Do not let you and her have nothing to do, always find work to do.

Following there step will help you get laid. ;p of course not.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Curious Question

Why is the world as it is??

No, we will not get into that, the physic, the superiors being, the universe this time. Although I do want to discuss, but.. nahh. not today.

Today, I am wondering why is the all type of music always 3-4 min long. well, there is some exception, (so it's good) but i mean most of the typical are 3-4 min. why even the song with short lyric bother to repeat itself 3 or more time just to have the length? and some goes to movie. all movie are close to 2 hour. most of time they cut it to 2 hour.. ohh i see. i start to think that maybe there is a critical to follow? or the MPAA would approve?

Okay. I'll look up on it. If any one know, please comment so it will save me the time to research.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Cross-Gender Friendship

Is it possible for a male and female to be bestfriend?

The answer would be no according to Hollywood producer and Ladder Theory.
Hollywood producer seem to never had any cross gender best friend. Either because they really feel that the society is this way, or that they think the story would be creative that every best friends fall in love with each other. Every movie I have watched, male and female become bestfriend, they date other person and then broke up and then they realized that they needed each other and that they are madly in love. When can those bestfriends not turn their friendship into love? Or is friendship and lovemate two inseparable thing?

Could the Hollywood, or media, be right? Maybe marring bestfriend is this best thing. Maybe friend means same-gender friend; love means cross-gender friend? maybe?

According to the Ladder Theory (i am too lazy to put link here, but u can can Google it and am sure you'll find a lot of information on it), guy only have one ladder, which is the sex ladder. He'll 'do' any one in his ladder which include friends, bestfriend, when given the opportunities. I read the Ladder in detail today, and it was far from the truth. So i won't comment any further.

So back to the main question: man and woman bestfriend? I am sure it is possible since there are 2 billion people (or 13 billion? i forget o.O) on this earth, there would be 1 billion (or 6.5 billion if there are 13 billion) possibility for a man and woman to be bestfriend. I am still young, and not sure if I'll fall for my bestfriend, as what every guy do in movies, so I won't be bias.


Just want to tell you that you don't have to marry your bestfriend because you see everyone is doing it on movie. Do not let the movie affect your life!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Teacher and Society

"Evil all merchant" Said by Confusious, the greatest teacher in China.
Teacher were not rich, but they were well respective because they weren't selfish; they past down their knowledge to younger generation. Merchants, business man, was as low as dirt in AD 100, China. Merchants always wait for opportunities to rip off buyer when he can. Buy low, sell high. He make money without labor, or as how Confusious viewed.

"Those who can, do; Those who can't, teach", a well known quote past down from centeries since the Middle Age. Knowledge, was not an individual's property, it was the gift from God. It's God gift to everyone. Teachers who give out knowledge don't desert to be paid because the knowledge wasn't from them. Teachers are loser who learned but can't do them, so they teach them. Teacher were unpaid, hungry, and low statues. They survide by eating apples from appreciated students. After years of eating apple, apple have become the symbol for teacher.

Words are powerful, they can change people's view, when more people are on your side, you have the country. Then soon your word become history, become the word in Bible.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Nocturnal Being

I am thrill by the moonlight and lazy when the moment sun beam hits my skin. I am not carrying any disease or abnormal. 40 percent of American share the same trait as I do.

It is evolution? That the Sun is growing hotter and out body can't take those energy been deliver to us. Or is it the night club and the dark alley turn people's on. Maybe night is quieter, danger, and the moon is just so pretty to miss out.

As much as our medical doctors, laws supporting disablities, is trying to stop evolution among man kind, We are still evolving.


Monday, May 19, 2008

'I am Sincerely Fake'

Sincerely, SamHuang
How do you tell when someone is being sincere to you? Do you just have too look at the "sincerely" at the closure? Should people start stating "insincerely" when they don't mean it?

I am never know when someone is being sincere with me or its just a mannerly overly-used quote.

I hear "I miss you", "I'll be back", "let's hangout", "Nice to meet you", "I had a great time" daily. Are those people being sincere with me? my costumer who said they will be back never came back. My best friend saids she miss me, and in turn say to the other 200 people including strangers. Does she mean what she said.

Perhaps this is manner. Being polite require us not to be sincere and lie as much trying to make the other feel better.

I wish i can give you great tips on how to identify insincere people. But i can't. Because I am asking you this question to which obviously don't have the answer for. If I have have the answer and asking you trying to make you look smart and feel better that you have helped me, then i would be insincere.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


"Must be 18 (21) or older to enter!"

As it is the law to restiste young teenage from pronography these day. A law without penanlity. I am dare to say that not one person turn away or close the browse from that line of sentence. Kids are breaking the rule. Almost all.

Kids reach pupery eariler now a day. Marriage fall back in age, Dating started in elementry. Kids who are bardly matured started dating at the age of 8, and mastered in bed at age of 15. Have those kids been watching porno? Does those thing come in nature?

If watching people having sex is a crime, then surely perform one would be illegal as well. But have there any law preventing kids having sex? No. Kids can have sex with their peer at any age. Given such freedom and responsible, does it make sense to restrict teen younger than 18 from watching porn?

Going through pupuerty, young teenager exprience many changes--mentally and physically. ( i am writing for a guy's view) As an advice from my doctor, masterbastion is needed during puperty. (i'll skip the detail why. google them or ask your doctor.) Not watching porn, kid would not know how.

In fact, it is not our desire for the kids to follow such 'law'. For a 17-year-old who never watch pornography would not know much about sexuality. The kid would not be fit in to his society nor grown up. I don't think that's what the government would want. They are just doing thing wrongly.

Our society are so open with sexually. Premarital sex is the norm in America. It's the popular culture. And they are suggesting no porn before 18? that's insane.

If they truly think that this 'young age pimping sex' is cause by watch porn, and want to stop this action, then a real action is needed. Something like tracking kid's ip address and prison them if they break the law. Jail the parent as well for not enough control and discipline. Charge rape for sex under 21. Such law will work and stop this activity, but in the same time, America will the least freedom in the world.

Later, not time to write them in detail or make the language more sophisticated. Got final to take!

Time to fix my spelling and grammar above.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Benefit of Dial-up

Dial-up is far from being history. Thought the innovation of technologies--invention of fiber optic, fast speed Internet--phone line dial-up still finds its corner in social environment. The Internet have evolute, but not necessarily all benefitciary. Although dial-up is far slower than the new cable, but its slow speed being patient and mystery.

Depend on the situation, different people will find different view on dial-up. [... it is so hard to writing something so stupid in a essay format, so i am going to list them] Here are the benefit of the dial up:

  • In school night, dial up stop uncontrollable/procrastinate students from wasting time on surfing the web.
  • With slows speed, that require buffering on youtube every 3 second, are not enjoyable, and therefor student will be force to do their homework and read novels
  • Require to dial before getting on the Internet, prevent virus from attacking when the computer is unattended
  • New IP address every time going on the Internet, therefore make it difficult for the hacker to stalk.
  • When the page is loading slowly, you will read thought the page in detail while its loading
  • The slow loading speed give pornography more excitement
  • Dial-up is cheaper or free
  • Make procrastination impossible
With all the benefit stated above, you should be convince that dial-up is not exactly bad, in fact the only thing good about cable is fast speed and nothing else. So don't laugh your neighbor [or me] for having dial-up.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Plastic Surgery is Ungodly

Plastic Surgery is wrong in many ways. I hope this has already been a universal fact that everyone would agree with me without me explaining any further. However, i highly doubt that everyone would have the same opinion as I do. So without any further ado, I give you the evil of plastic surgery.

(For who those believe in god,) God created us based on how he want us to look. He give everyone a special task, the ugly, the pretty, to be unique in earth. God is not imperfect by making you fat and/or ugly. God did it purposely so you can show what beauty is. Without ugliness, there would be prettiness; the world needs opposition. 'Why is God so unfair' you might think. But, never forget God give everyone a special assignment. You will be rewarded if you done yours right. So by alternating your looks, making small boobs into bigger one, adding an extra boobs, and reshaping your triangular face (oh yeah, plastic surgery don't only happen in boob, whole body can be a plastic!!!), you are denying god.

If that doesn't convince you (or if you don't believe in god), consider this: plastic surgery destroy love and marriage. It have always been a trouble in the heart in searching for the right girl ( in a guy's perspective). There are so many factor to consider. Sometime looks is 100% factor for some people, other maybe 50%, and those who are blind(literally) maybe 10% (they still want to feel the shape thou). So look matter. Let said, you found a beautiful chick and you guys been going out for a while, she feel secure with you and feel like she can tell you anything. So you told you that she have a plastic surgery when she is 14, and that she is made of plastic. You found out he hand you hold, the mouth you kissed, the face you looked at is a doll made by a doctor. I can't say how you will react, but I'll feel that I have been cheated. Under the layer of plastic skin, she is a ugly girl, but that's not the case because for some people looks don't matter. What is important is that you have been going out with a plastic bag. I'll be piss.

A little story: I had a Korean friend who told me that almost everyone older than age 14 in Korea have gone through plastic surgery. I was shock. And he add, even guys too. I fainted. "There was this guy and this girl, they look exactly the same. it was then found out that they have the same surgery doctor." I also learn that when you get to 40ish, there will be a lot of winkles.

I have no clue how the plastic surgery work, so don't ask me, maybe i should start researching. Don't meant to discriminate anyone here. (to those plastic) If God won't take you, and I don't take you, there is still a lot of people who will take you ;]

Friday, April 4, 2008

Dominant Trait

Some traits we inhabit are inferior and some are dominant. Dominant trait doesn't means its good, and inferior trait doesn't mean it is bad. I have experience changes in people. Changing is part of an evolution. Evolution? Just because it is controversial doesn't means we can not bring it up. In this society we are constant running aways from problem. Anything that has huge group disagreeableness, we 'discuss it later'. People don't want to offense the other group so they don't put out their position. This is one of the bad dominant trait. People who interact with people in those society would put a shield on them self to be concious and not put say any statement that would hurt other or get themself kill. The attempt to change other's belief doesn't come when their popularity are in sake. Evolution play its role, new born adapted to its environment, pool full of the non-controversial people, and those with the gust to run for president and say "there is no god" gets shut down by the tomato people throw on the presidental campain and lost its valuable trait. controversial topic remain controversial.

Skiping the controversal topic and to the human behavior, something non-controversal, or maybe this whole 'dominant trait' is controversial. When we are growing up, we follows our parent, when are get older some of us lead, and some of us follow. it is all good, all natural. No one person can lead without anyone follow, and same goes that no one can follow without anyone leading. Some of us change from a follower to a leader. The follower simplying get its trait dominated by the dominant trait of the leader. So to be a leader one much exhibit his/her dominant trait.

What is a dominate trait? I use to have a roommate who plays music really loud. so then i started to play music really loud too to cover up his voice. this is an example of a dominant trait. I, who is quite, are getting pushed by loud, and thus got to be loud to push back. When I was a kid, my parent always wants me to hang out with smart people. That isn't because they think that smart people stay out of troble, it is only so that i can used them and abort their trait and then i can be smart as well. You follow, you learn, and then you lead, my mom told me. However, i never listened. I always feel like leading right away. So I hang out with the dumb group. With the dumb people, and me being the smart one, i can teach them and lead them. But then years goes, my follower left me and i was left alone, without the ability to lead anymore. I didn't get dumber, but everyone got smarter so it seems that i got dumber. I lead, I teach, and now I follows. :[ should have listened to my mom.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Danger: Shallow Water - no diving

Shallow is famously used to describe the depth of water and a (stupid?) person. persons who are describe as shallow are define as materialist and not profound, only care about the outer looks. a well example is in a relationship, when a guy say his girlfriend must be sexy, nice boob, apple bottom, cokacola, few nerd/geek/profound-person would mark that guy in the shallow list. of course same things with the girls too. one would have to say 'oh, she have to be sophisticated, care for animal, nice to people' and this guy would get a high rating.

I used to be the nerd who said all those thing: 'looks doesn't really matter, it is the inner self that count'. However after few year until i go to college and experience some experiences in life, i found that i can't be more wrong. i was dead wrong. what is the difference between a girlfriend and a bestfriend? it depend on the person. but if you ugly and have good personality, and all you want to do is talk and not touch, then be their best friend.

"Love at First Sight"- i would discuss if it is truth or not, but a lot of people feel that way. However, isn't such love based on the physical appearance as well? it is even worse-it is only based on the first look. where those the personality come in? well so maybe we can define those 'love at first sight' people as shallow as well.

Now lets talk about feeling and connection. "When i am with her i feel connective to her, I got this feeling that i can say anything." my advice is: be friend. Do you have the feeling that you want to be inside of her? If that's so, then she must have what you define as beautiful. Beauty is not universal. Everyone have their own taste. so if she does have good personality and do look good to your definition, then yes, marriage is a good idea. However, the point i am trying to make is that look does play a big role in a intermate relationship.

Now we come to the the part of shallow people. shallow people thinks that the girl just have to look good, personality don't matter. However they are not truthly shallow. they just have made a big distinction between friend and girl. when looking for friend, they look at their personality and their preferring style. Girl are a trophy. Chase for the excitement and win it to show off. A ugly, non-shining trophy would not get much of a attention. Just because their view of beauty is different from ours or yours, doesn't give us the right to name calling. If we can't even get this fact right, we would really be the shallow one, not them.

Call me shallow or not, but i think the shallow people are actually right. Girl and friend are and should be separative. they can be connect to be girlfriend, which so would require both the quality of a good looking girl, and a quality of good friend. There are so many people in this world. there are at least 10 percent (probably more) that interest you non physically. and then inside the 10 percent, there are at least 1 percent that do look good to your view and taste. 1 percent of the 10 percent in this world is still a huge number. there are a great chance that you'll find someone that you like and love. Do not mistake your friend to be your lover. if you don't think they look good, they are not your lover. And do remember beauty is not universal. So you think that i am tell you to skinny people look like movie star. Find one suit your taste.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Marriage: multi spouse system

The one man one wife police is totally stupid and not make sense. Who ever thought of such law? Like always, every bad decision have its conquence. In this ‘free’ country, more than 50% marry couple/parents are divoce and remarry. 20% divioce again. Why? Because this world is free. There are 6 billion people in the world, how can we satify with only 1 person? 40 year is a long time, how can someone be other one for more than 40 years. As some people always said, “live the most out of you life”, “discover the world, find new experience.” Imagining a life only with one person would be a waste of life. So those people started to see other person, some people call it ‘affair’. Why is it wrong to seek what him/her desire? When marry, they promise to love the other forever, but seeing someone doesn’t make him no like their spouse. Human have an increabily huge heart. They are capable to love more than one person. Life is about being happy and live to the fullest, love more people, build more memory, cross more desert, life will be over soon. And love is not addition or division. When you found out he love someone else, don’t means he don’t love you, it doesn’t means his loves is share between you and other. Love is like a voltage in a parallel capacitor, they are the same. in mathatmatically, Love1=Love2=Lovetotal.

Government have made law against multi spouse. I am not sure what their reason it, but to my guess is that they want to make man and woman equal, or they think that 1-man-1-wife is the best way that lead to happy ending. Forbiting something doesn’t make it happen. In the multi-spouse relation, man can have more than 1 wife, and woman can also have more husband. Since this is a democray. No one will be force to marry anther. Is a free choice. If a woman love a man so much that she doesn’t mine he have a wife, then it is that woman’s right to decide. The government made law against people marry with more than 2 spouse, but never made any law stopping divorce. Divorce has been the solution for many people who want to have more spouse. They treat marry like a game. In the end, it is the kids who suffer.

Marriage is a compromise. If both person agree that they can see other person, there should not be any law against it. Every family’s story is different, government just aren’t really for individual care, nor mind their business. 50% of the people who had a divorce is because a woman(or man) found out that her(or his) husband(or wife) is cheating on her. And 50% of those people who are cheating still love their wife or husband. However love is build on truth, the man obvilsly lied to his wife. But if he were allow to, he would never lied. This is a topic conversation they should had before they get marry.

Everytime when you break up with someone, do you always feel that this time you have found the right person? Eventually everyone find a new partner after they break up. So what happen if you never break up? Would you get to meet this awesome better person? This is a top reason people break up—to look for someone better. Without breaking up, it would be cheating to look for someone better. Truth is that there is no “the one”, there are many “the one”. But how to decide which one to marry where there are so many to choose from? Marry all of them. Simply. The law made it complicated that we can only choose one. After we choose one, we feel that we should have pick the other one, then it is in this stage the marrage fail.

Sex and Love

  • · They are two different things. Totally different
  • · One can love other without having sex and have sex without love
  • · Sex is a sport, love is a intermate relationship.
  • · It won’t make sense to limit someone to only play ping pong with one person.
  • · Love is love, sex is sex, how did they ever get connected.
  • · Love is showing care and passion, and fear of losing the other. Sex is just pleasure, poking. You can only experience love with certain people, but sex is just a skill. It require practice.
  • · Sex in love is to make baby

Monday, March 10, 2008


We would always find division among ourself. Racism are a big problem because they are noticeable. Do you think if we are all the same color, there won't be any more racism? We constantly divide ourself among ourself. The rich, the poor, the fat, the skinny, the Red, the Blue, Queens, Brooklyn, Flushing, Jamaica. Even if the whole world is left with the skinny rich New Yorker with everyone have the same opinion, people among them would still find a way to distinguish each other. When there first was few Asian American here, they stood together. Then more came, the group divided among themselves: the Chinese, the Tials, the Korean. and then among the Chinese, they divide again.
Division is normal, it is free will. This is freedom. Unity is control. people are restricted to order and have to follow the big group. As we divide, everyone are their own individuates. they are free to further divide themselves. Racism is a nature's law. It can be stop, but there will always be other discrimination. People will try to find their difference among other. This is how current float, how force act upon each other, and how the universal was created.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Purpose of Hair

My statement is that Human should wear hat on public.
The follow are my reason to suppose my statement.

Have you ever notice where does hair grow? and why does hair grow on those certain area? the reason is simple: they are private and should not be shown. Hair is the nature's way telling us that they should not be share visually. As human evolute from primate, we loss hair from our general body area. This allow us to be friendly and a 'trust'. Without hair on body and arm and leg, you have shown other that you are most open and aren't hiding anything (thus more sociable and safe). As we all the the process of the Evolution, the weaker die, in the point it is hairier die because while everyone are showing their hand, the hairier one still are cover up and couldn't get along with other.
OKay, i think i was a bit off to the point. What i mean is that since evolution have make our body hair disappear, why do we HUMAN still have hair on some part of out body. Those part of the 'important part' i guess. They are special in a way that they should not be shown. An ananlog would be: As open as you can be, you will not give your key to a stranger. It is dangerous and stupid. As the same reason why during the process of evolution, one with full of hair dies, and one with no hairs at all also dies. This left the earth with only human with hair covering certain part of the body.
The 'cover up' was first introduced since the primate to make human indifference. As we all know, hair, unlike clothes, only cover the detail part, where we can still see the whole. Now a day, law specify that we should not discriminate anyone by their race, color, and SEX. When the world wasn't as active as today, there was no race, or color difference, only SEX. and frankly, our ancestor knew there would be a problem with the gender discrimination in the society, so he propose everyone to cover up their difference, which happen to be the place where the hair grow, so everything made sense.
However, have you look at the mirror and discover that the most hairy part of your body is you head. As primate evolute into human, later they discover that the brain in the head is acutally most important part of the whole body, and thus explain the reason why we have hair in our head. And logically it follows that since our brain is so important and unique from each, it should be cover up. As science technology get advance, we are able to indentify who is the smarter one just by looking at the upper head where the brain it. This would cause a great discrimation in work place against dumb people. To prevent it, we have to do what our ancestor do, by covering it up. Reason they didn't practices such is because back in those time, everyone's brain are almost the same. they weren't using much of their brain to do work. Covering our head, also make our head most desirable and safer from information transfered disease. Have a hat on, protect your privacy and not to be call a nerd.

(for those who believe in god, God created human in his own image except those place that is cover in hair. For those who draw, they know that when they come to a part where it is difficult to draw, they just skatch, or shade (draw many lines over it) to make it dark and unclear. So god was having difficultty making human on his own image and created hair over it. And those who doesn't look like God were consider devil since they were told that human is in God's image. This reason make people cover up their part so they can look like god. but never do they know that God's brain are much more difference, much more intellegent than human. For that reason, we have to cover up our head also so we can be closer to god. p.s hope i don't offense anyone.)

Just to be clear of my motive: i don't own a hat store, i am not trying to sell hat. It is the truth!

Friday, January 25, 2008

It is possible to live your life like in movies'

"that only happens in the movies" people used to tell me. until recently i have experienced many events, or situations, that only happens in movies. so then, many questions pop to my head. Are those action human natural or did it get influence by the media. I came out with two possible possibilities:
1 - the movie directors are well educated, they studies human behavior, as well as reaction to situations, and observe various type of personality and made their movies based on the human natural.
2 - movie directors are over-dramatic to every situation. s/he have no knowledge how human behavior. And people are dumber enough to follow what the actors in movie do.

every time i watch a war movie, i start to feel that they are really unrealist, how does the main actor never die in battle. A bomb might fly out of nonwhere and he'd just die, why won't he die? i ask myself. after a while i give myself the answer. there are million of people at a war. and there have to be someone who live thought out the war and not die. and the person who didn't die, is the main actor. the rest who die, aren't. there are billion of people in this world, some applies to the movies some doesn't. or some movies reflects off some certain group of people but not everyone.

I no longer believe "that only happens in movies" when my friend tells me today.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Computer; Cheaper the Better?

Disagree? You might want to reconsider next time you head out to buy a new PC. Unless, you have abundance amount of money AND (not or) abundance amount of time, to buy every new computer coming out and take the time to move all you files. Here are the simple facts you need to know:

As you might know computer is the thing right now in the society. Even 8 years old have their own personal computer (PC). For some family, dad’s already preparing, designing and selecting a PC for his girlfriend’s inborn baby. But be warned, shopping for computer are different from shopping other stuff. No, you know need to know computer to buy computer. What I mean is that, shopping for anything other than computer, we can just look at the price and determine which one is good or not. We compare price. A couch that is 500 dollar and a couch that is 35 dollar. We don’t even have to sit on it to determine which one is comfortable. That’s why internet shopping have rise from the horizon, and internet marketing have had a new level of making money. Before we go off topic, you must realist such logic doesn’t apply when buying a PC.

PC will always be improving and price will always be dropping, but the needs won’t go up. We are well capable of using an old computer to do the work we do regularly. Furthermore the computer price don’t drop linearly, instead the price-drop graph is exponentially. The more expensive one will drop more than the least expensive one because there is a minimum limit to the price of the computer. As the computer keep innovating, older one will get cheaper. However, you will not be able to find a computer for only 50 dollar. Because 50 dollar computer is not worth selling, companies simply stop making them. While the computer you buy for 3000 dollar last summer is now only 1200 dollar. Not long after you show off you computer, will you find that everyone start to owe the same machine you had and only for half of you price. They will be making fun of you and laugh at you face. Feel pissed?

You should be. But consider this:

The cheap computer will only be extinct but never any cheaper. If you but the cheapest computer on the market, after half year, you will be the only person owning the classic, individual PC. When you pull out you 300 dollar worth computer, everyone will be looking and starting and asking where they can get it. You can tell them it is the newest, shipped illegal from Japan.

Next time you buy a computer, ask for the cheapest!