Sunday, May 11, 2008


"Must be 18 (21) or older to enter!"

As it is the law to restiste young teenage from pronography these day. A law without penanlity. I am dare to say that not one person turn away or close the browse from that line of sentence. Kids are breaking the rule. Almost all.

Kids reach pupery eariler now a day. Marriage fall back in age, Dating started in elementry. Kids who are bardly matured started dating at the age of 8, and mastered in bed at age of 15. Have those kids been watching porno? Does those thing come in nature?

If watching people having sex is a crime, then surely perform one would be illegal as well. But have there any law preventing kids having sex? No. Kids can have sex with their peer at any age. Given such freedom and responsible, does it make sense to restrict teen younger than 18 from watching porn?

Going through pupuerty, young teenager exprience many changes--mentally and physically. ( i am writing for a guy's view) As an advice from my doctor, masterbastion is needed during puperty. (i'll skip the detail why. google them or ask your doctor.) Not watching porn, kid would not know how.

In fact, it is not our desire for the kids to follow such 'law'. For a 17-year-old who never watch pornography would not know much about sexuality. The kid would not be fit in to his society nor grown up. I don't think that's what the government would want. They are just doing thing wrongly.

Our society are so open with sexually. Premarital sex is the norm in America. It's the popular culture. And they are suggesting no porn before 18? that's insane.

If they truly think that this 'young age pimping sex' is cause by watch porn, and want to stop this action, then a real action is needed. Something like tracking kid's ip address and prison them if they break the law. Jail the parent as well for not enough control and discipline. Charge rape for sex under 21. Such law will work and stop this activity, but in the same time, America will the least freedom in the world.

Later, not time to write them in detail or make the language more sophisticated. Got final to take!

Time to fix my spelling and grammar above.

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