Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Benefit of Dial-up

Dial-up is far from being history. Thought the innovation of technologies--invention of fiber optic, fast speed Internet--phone line dial-up still finds its corner in social environment. The Internet have evolute, but not necessarily all benefitciary. Although dial-up is far slower than the new cable, but its slow speed being patient and mystery.

Depend on the situation, different people will find different view on dial-up. [... it is so hard to writing something so stupid in a essay format, so i am going to list them] Here are the benefit of the dial up:

  • In school night, dial up stop uncontrollable/procrastinate students from wasting time on surfing the web.
  • With slows speed, that require buffering on youtube every 3 second, are not enjoyable, and therefor student will be force to do their homework and read novels
  • Require to dial before getting on the Internet, prevent virus from attacking when the computer is unattended
  • New IP address every time going on the Internet, therefore make it difficult for the hacker to stalk.
  • When the page is loading slowly, you will read thought the page in detail while its loading
  • The slow loading speed give pornography more excitement
  • Dial-up is cheaper or free
  • Make procrastination impossible
With all the benefit stated above, you should be convince that dial-up is not exactly bad, in fact the only thing good about cable is fast speed and nothing else. So don't laugh your neighbor [or me] for having dial-up.

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