Sunday, April 13, 2008

Plastic Surgery is Ungodly

Plastic Surgery is wrong in many ways. I hope this has already been a universal fact that everyone would agree with me without me explaining any further. However, i highly doubt that everyone would have the same opinion as I do. So without any further ado, I give you the evil of plastic surgery.

(For who those believe in god,) God created us based on how he want us to look. He give everyone a special task, the ugly, the pretty, to be unique in earth. God is not imperfect by making you fat and/or ugly. God did it purposely so you can show what beauty is. Without ugliness, there would be prettiness; the world needs opposition. 'Why is God so unfair' you might think. But, never forget God give everyone a special assignment. You will be rewarded if you done yours right. So by alternating your looks, making small boobs into bigger one, adding an extra boobs, and reshaping your triangular face (oh yeah, plastic surgery don't only happen in boob, whole body can be a plastic!!!), you are denying god.

If that doesn't convince you (or if you don't believe in god), consider this: plastic surgery destroy love and marriage. It have always been a trouble in the heart in searching for the right girl ( in a guy's perspective). There are so many factor to consider. Sometime looks is 100% factor for some people, other maybe 50%, and those who are blind(literally) maybe 10% (they still want to feel the shape thou). So look matter. Let said, you found a beautiful chick and you guys been going out for a while, she feel secure with you and feel like she can tell you anything. So you told you that she have a plastic surgery when she is 14, and that she is made of plastic. You found out he hand you hold, the mouth you kissed, the face you looked at is a doll made by a doctor. I can't say how you will react, but I'll feel that I have been cheated. Under the layer of plastic skin, she is a ugly girl, but that's not the case because for some people looks don't matter. What is important is that you have been going out with a plastic bag. I'll be piss.

A little story: I had a Korean friend who told me that almost everyone older than age 14 in Korea have gone through plastic surgery. I was shock. And he add, even guys too. I fainted. "There was this guy and this girl, they look exactly the same. it was then found out that they have the same surgery doctor." I also learn that when you get to 40ish, there will be a lot of winkles.

I have no clue how the plastic surgery work, so don't ask me, maybe i should start researching. Don't meant to discriminate anyone here. (to those plastic) If God won't take you, and I don't take you, there is still a lot of people who will take you ;]

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Marc and Angel Hack Life said...

Sam, I completely agree with your point of view on plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a waste. All the emphisis is placed on molding the external body, instead of the improving the interal heart and mind.

Thanks for the kind remarks you left on our blog.