Friday, January 25, 2008

It is possible to live your life like in movies'

"that only happens in the movies" people used to tell me. until recently i have experienced many events, or situations, that only happens in movies. so then, many questions pop to my head. Are those action human natural or did it get influence by the media. I came out with two possible possibilities:
1 - the movie directors are well educated, they studies human behavior, as well as reaction to situations, and observe various type of personality and made their movies based on the human natural.
2 - movie directors are over-dramatic to every situation. s/he have no knowledge how human behavior. And people are dumber enough to follow what the actors in movie do.

every time i watch a war movie, i start to feel that they are really unrealist, how does the main actor never die in battle. A bomb might fly out of nonwhere and he'd just die, why won't he die? i ask myself. after a while i give myself the answer. there are million of people at a war. and there have to be someone who live thought out the war and not die. and the person who didn't die, is the main actor. the rest who die, aren't. there are billion of people in this world, some applies to the movies some doesn't. or some movies reflects off some certain group of people but not everyone.

I no longer believe "that only happens in movies" when my friend tells me today.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Computer; Cheaper the Better?

Disagree? You might want to reconsider next time you head out to buy a new PC. Unless, you have abundance amount of money AND (not or) abundance amount of time, to buy every new computer coming out and take the time to move all you files. Here are the simple facts you need to know:

As you might know computer is the thing right now in the society. Even 8 years old have their own personal computer (PC). For some family, dad’s already preparing, designing and selecting a PC for his girlfriend’s inborn baby. But be warned, shopping for computer are different from shopping other stuff. No, you know need to know computer to buy computer. What I mean is that, shopping for anything other than computer, we can just look at the price and determine which one is good or not. We compare price. A couch that is 500 dollar and a couch that is 35 dollar. We don’t even have to sit on it to determine which one is comfortable. That’s why internet shopping have rise from the horizon, and internet marketing have had a new level of making money. Before we go off topic, you must realist such logic doesn’t apply when buying a PC.

PC will always be improving and price will always be dropping, but the needs won’t go up. We are well capable of using an old computer to do the work we do regularly. Furthermore the computer price don’t drop linearly, instead the price-drop graph is exponentially. The more expensive one will drop more than the least expensive one because there is a minimum limit to the price of the computer. As the computer keep innovating, older one will get cheaper. However, you will not be able to find a computer for only 50 dollar. Because 50 dollar computer is not worth selling, companies simply stop making them. While the computer you buy for 3000 dollar last summer is now only 1200 dollar. Not long after you show off you computer, will you find that everyone start to owe the same machine you had and only for half of you price. They will be making fun of you and laugh at you face. Feel pissed?

You should be. But consider this:

The cheap computer will only be extinct but never any cheaper. If you but the cheapest computer on the market, after half year, you will be the only person owning the classic, individual PC. When you pull out you 300 dollar worth computer, everyone will be looking and starting and asking where they can get it. You can tell them it is the newest, shipped illegal from Japan.

Next time you buy a computer, ask for the cheapest!