Friday, January 25, 2008

It is possible to live your life like in movies'

"that only happens in the movies" people used to tell me. until recently i have experienced many events, or situations, that only happens in movies. so then, many questions pop to my head. Are those action human natural or did it get influence by the media. I came out with two possible possibilities:
1 - the movie directors are well educated, they studies human behavior, as well as reaction to situations, and observe various type of personality and made their movies based on the human natural.
2 - movie directors are over-dramatic to every situation. s/he have no knowledge how human behavior. And people are dumber enough to follow what the actors in movie do.

every time i watch a war movie, i start to feel that they are really unrealist, how does the main actor never die in battle. A bomb might fly out of nonwhere and he'd just die, why won't he die? i ask myself. after a while i give myself the answer. there are million of people at a war. and there have to be someone who live thought out the war and not die. and the person who didn't die, is the main actor. the rest who die, aren't. there are billion of people in this world, some applies to the movies some doesn't. or some movies reflects off some certain group of people but not everyone.

I no longer believe "that only happens in movies" when my friend tells me today.

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