Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Teacher and Society

"Evil all merchant" Said by Confusious, the greatest teacher in China.
Teacher were not rich, but they were well respective because they weren't selfish; they past down their knowledge to younger generation. Merchants, business man, was as low as dirt in AD 100, China. Merchants always wait for opportunities to rip off buyer when he can. Buy low, sell high. He make money without labor, or as how Confusious viewed.

"Those who can, do; Those who can't, teach", a well known quote past down from centeries since the Middle Age. Knowledge, was not an individual's property, it was the gift from God. It's God gift to everyone. Teachers who give out knowledge don't desert to be paid because the knowledge wasn't from them. Teachers are loser who learned but can't do them, so they teach them. Teacher were unpaid, hungry, and low statues. They survide by eating apples from appreciated students. After years of eating apple, apple have become the symbol for teacher.

Words are powerful, they can change people's view, when more people are on your side, you have the country. Then soon your word become history, become the word in Bible.

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