Monday, June 16, 2008

Cross-Gender Friendship

Is it possible for a male and female to be bestfriend?

The answer would be no according to Hollywood producer and Ladder Theory.
Hollywood producer seem to never had any cross gender best friend. Either because they really feel that the society is this way, or that they think the story would be creative that every best friends fall in love with each other. Every movie I have watched, male and female become bestfriend, they date other person and then broke up and then they realized that they needed each other and that they are madly in love. When can those bestfriends not turn their friendship into love? Or is friendship and lovemate two inseparable thing?

Could the Hollywood, or media, be right? Maybe marring bestfriend is this best thing. Maybe friend means same-gender friend; love means cross-gender friend? maybe?

According to the Ladder Theory (i am too lazy to put link here, but u can can Google it and am sure you'll find a lot of information on it), guy only have one ladder, which is the sex ladder. He'll 'do' any one in his ladder which include friends, bestfriend, when given the opportunities. I read the Ladder in detail today, and it was far from the truth. So i won't comment any further.

So back to the main question: man and woman bestfriend? I am sure it is possible since there are 2 billion people (or 13 billion? i forget o.O) on this earth, there would be 1 billion (or 6.5 billion if there are 13 billion) possibility for a man and woman to be bestfriend. I am still young, and not sure if I'll fall for my bestfriend, as what every guy do in movies, so I won't be bias.


Just want to tell you that you don't have to marry your bestfriend because you see everyone is doing it on movie. Do not let the movie affect your life!

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