Thursday, May 21, 2009

Answer to the Tricky/Dumb 1+1=? question

There has been or will be one or more times in every person's life where he or she are experted to answer sample mathematical question such as "what is 1+1 or 2+3" from friend, family, or boss.

The way you answer this question will tell a lot about who you are. Even the recruiter manager has started to ask this question to the job candidates at interview.

the simple answer to 1+1 is 2. this is a question for the 4-year-old. However you're not a 4-year-old, so you need to think think question in more dept.


1 doesn't mean anything. 1 is just a number. you need to ask yourself a number of what? is it 1 apple + 1apple or 1 banana + 1 apple?

1meter + 1 centermeter = 1.01 meter not 2 meter.

Vector or Scalar

Does it have direction? 3 step east + 4 step north = 5 step northeast.

There are many answers to 1+1, in order to answer the question you need to ask more question.

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