Sunday, May 17, 2009

This is NOT gay

Men and men used to be good friend, or close friends. We were so close a friend that we shower in a same tub; rub lotion on each other's back; slap other on the butt as often as high-fives. Me and my boys were so friendly and had so much fun. Until one day...

A loner come to our town. He didn't have any guy to hug. He was a true gay person (who has sexual feeling for man, or homosexual). When he saw us hugging, he said: "that's so gay." and guess what? we stop hugging.

we stop going to the mall together; stop buying each other drinks after work; stop taking shower together; stop caring for each other. We stop doing anything fun between guys, just because of the sentence: "that's so gay."

Actually it wasn't gay at all. It is only gay, if one thinks gayly. It's never gay to take a bath with your fellow friend if you don't think about touching his penis. It's not gay to slap your teammate in the butt if it doesn't arouse you. People who stop doing all those guy-friendly things are because they are partially gay (research shows that everyone have a gay said. But the non-gay people are dominated by their heterosexual sense), and afraid they can't control their urge. For a straight guy like you and me, you should never hesitate to tickle your guy-friends, and care for them.

Girl do all those girl-friendly things because they don't care if people call them lesbian. Why can't guy do the same? Is it because guys also like lesbian female? But girl only like gay guy as a friend and guy don't want the girl to think they're gay. There a famous saying that goes like this: one who afraid other calling him gay is or might be gay Or he is self-conscious. Being called gay for guys is like being called fat for girl.
Guy or Girl: "Hey girl, you look fat"
Girl checking out the mirror: "omg. am i really fat?"
Guy or Girl: "Dude, you're so gay"
Guy goes to watch straight porn: "Am i really gay? .. "

Conclusion: Don't be self-conscious. Go do all those 'gay' thing, if you know you are not gay. And for all those hater, stop saying "this is so gay", because you only say that if you are gay.

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