Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cheating is a good skill to have in the real world

Many people ask me what is point of school. Most stuff we learn is not really need in the real world. Although I do not agree with those people’s point of view; because I know why we go to school and why learning them. Moreover, I love the stuff I learn in school. However I do agree that there are a big different about school and work place. In school; we; the student re require to work alone; if we work together that would be cheating. But at work; most of the time you never work alone. You most likely will work with group of people. Many student after obtaining their degree; are unaffected at work because they lack such contributing skill. They know how to work; but have problem contributing their knowledge to the team; and also fail to credit other people’s idea. (Richard Wagner, a psychologist at Florida State University)

I feel that if a student who can cheat and able to get away with it; it should be fine. If the student have the skill to cheat through academic and get his or her degree; the student can cheat through project and work too. If he does caught; then it would his fail not having master his cheating skills. After all cheating is a skill too. The most important skill to have now a day at job is social skill. If you who know nothing but able to get other to do you the favor and do the job for you; there should be no problem. Knowledge is not everything. It is just one of the skills that aids to living.

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