Saturday, June 27, 2009

Save Money

I find it funny how banks are offering to save money for you by transferring money in your checking to your saving account.

The first bank I found out help you 'save' money is the Bank of America. When you buy $1.02, they will charge you $2 dollar and put 98 cent in your saving account. Haha. Funny. Why would I want to be charge 2 dollar when I only buy 1.02 dollar.

I remember those Bank of America people always harass me whenever I walk pass through their stand.
"Sir, do you have a Bank of America account?"
"No, I have HSBC"
"Do they have "Keep the Change" program? We help you save a lot of money"
"No, they give me 1.55 APY [used to be 4.5 APY in 2007]"

Today I saw similar advertisement on TV. Whenever you swipe your Wachovia debit card, we move 1 dollar from you checking to your saving. =)

I found those feature to be really funny. You don't really save obviously. It also mess up your check book. You thought you only spend 10 dollar, but the bank taken 15 dollar and put 5 dollar back to your saving. So your checking is out of money now and they charge you a 29.99 fee for blank check. and then you end up moving money from your saving account to pay for the fee they charge you. Yes Thanks a lot.

oh you know what else is funny? the Verizon's my10 program is it? something like that. They copy for T-mobile's myfave(5) where now you can call any 10 people free. The bad thing is that in the advertisement it mention about they being the biggest network in America. If they have the biggest network then most people would be in their network and mobile2mobile would be free then why would people want to pick 10 people out and have less anytime minutes? I thought the commerical just didn't make sense. I don't know why would any one want those feature.

Ofcourse all those feature/program the comptuer provide help the company. I don't get why would cosumer use them.

Hey, let me help you save. Give me 100 dollar and I'll save it for you. I'll give it back to you when you need it. Sound's good? Because without money you won't be able to spend on useless stuff, so give it to me, I'll help you save.

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