Sunday, January 17, 2010


It seems like I am running out of Issue to cover.

So this blog is just going to be me rambling about stuff, like brainstorming or whatnot. Just keep writing until i over come my writer's block. It seems like I have been updating a lot on the Happy Huang Sam blog. Maybe I am overwhelme by Happiness? Or not. Most of the time when i have something to write, i didn't have the time for it, so i just forget about it later. Hey. i think i thought of something to write

Title: The Way You View the World and Yourself

Content: Ususally how you view yourself is reflective on how you see the world and then it reflect back on how you see yourself. it is like two mirror and a beam of light. It is encircling each other.

I realize that when I am happy, I become gullible, I believe what people tell me, i think everyone is out there to help me; I can't find a reason why people would lie. why would she lie? there is no point. Or so i thought. Besides being gullible, I (or people like me who is happy at the moment) think world is in order and everything is in harmony. I thought everyone is innocent (or dumb) innocent and dumb doesn't have much difference now-a-day. (I say this is because i am not happy).

soo.. yeah. how you feel reflect on how you see thing. i think everyone know this already. this is so pointless. sorry. if you don't enjoy what u read, please read the other post, they're more enjoyable. this is just plain stupid.


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